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All frames in the collection, which will be worn by the likes of Mark Cavendish, are hand painted in the Discount Oakleys first used in 1980. The collection includes EVZero, Jawbreaker, Radar EV Path, Flak 2.0 XL and RadarLock Path performance glasses along with and lifestyle (non-sports) products including Frogskins and Crosslink Zero RX.

I'm king of the Fatheads,there not as Big as the Big Taco,But with that said they Fit well,about made in USA anything can be made to be legit but I'm putting my faith in the supplier and his rep enjoy there Coool.

This isn't my first pair of Oakleys, so I knew what to look for (my previous oakleys are all in-store purchases). The box checked out, the case checked out, warranty is there; great. I pulled out the shades themselves and I found a large "P" sticker on the left lens...uh oh. Where's my "MADE IN USA" logo? uh oh again. Everything else checked out. The hinges were snappy, serial information on the left arm, side logos seemed fine.

As to the sticker, they said that, "Oakley places stickers on polarized lenses, but in retail, they are taken off before they are sold". Good enough for me.